What makes the Extractives Hub unique?

Aggregating resources

We aggregate existing tools and resources on extractive industries, rather than recreate them. This means we rigorously evaluate content, assessing it for quality and relevance to our users.

For this reason, we have partnered only with a select number of partners. These are organisations and institutions we know produce only quality tools and resources, giving government users the confidence that the Extractives Hub can be relied on to support their work. For more information on our partners, click here

Designed exclusively for governments

The Extractives Hub is the only online platform designed exclusively for governments in the extractives sector.

During development of the platform, our team spent more than a year consulting with hundreds of government decision makers and policy makers working in the extractives sector across Africa and Asia. The process has been invaluable in informing design of the Hub, and means that we approach certain topics and issues differently to other providers of information resources.

We believe we have created a service which is appropriate for the needs of our government partners. However, we are always looking to improve the Hub. If you have any suggestions as to how we can do so, please get in touch. You can do so by clicking here

Context appropriate tools, information and data

The main way in which our conversations with government have shaped the Extractives Hub relates to the type and focus of information resources and tools we provide. During the development process, our users have made it clear to us that rather than needing resources on established best practice, far more useful are tools, evidence and datasets which allow them to compare their own country with jurisdictions which are in similar situations, or have overcome similar challenges to themselves. Many of our users have also expressed an interest in collaborating with their peers in other countries.

To meet this demand, we have built these features into the Hub. One of the products primary service offerings is the ability to compare data and documents, for example policies and laws, from neighbouring or equivalent jurisdictions, as well as a peer to peer networking service, which facilitates communication between government counterparts. We are the only platform which does both. For more information on country comparisons, please click here. For more information on getting in touch with government peers, please click here